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Food Safety


Food Safety

Food Safety

We are BRC certified, a food safety program approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative

APGG is BRC certified, a food safety program approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).  We have been able to sell peanuts to all of the major peanut product manufacturers in the U.S., in addition to over (100) other companies.  We have sold peanuts directly to Canada, Mexico, Europe, Spain, Italy, Russia, Israel, Japan and Thailand.  APGG employees have a high understanding of food safety, GMP’s, HACCP, and SOP’s.  We constantly refine our programs to consistently meet our customer specifications.  Our quality starts with our growers, who are the owners of APGG.  Our growers have a higher percentage of irrigated land than the state average for Georgia, and all are excellent growers who deliver high quality and high yields to our shelling plant.  With the support of industry leaders LMC and Satake, APGG supplies some of the cleanest and highest quality peanuts in the industry.

Our goal at APGG is very simple.  We intend to deliver a high quality product on a very consistent basis.  We want to be considered a bar-ready premium peanut processor, without all the individual “hand-picking” required of most bar-ready plants.  We want to align ourselves with customers who are willing to share a mutual trust, a mutual respect, and a mutual benefit.  We plan to be here for the long haul, and we want to be known as the company willing to do the job right, and one that is always a good value for the price.

Some of the unique features of the APGG organization include: 85% or more of the peanuts produced by APGG’s grower-owners are irrigated; All of APGG’s (11) Buying points, which includes (20) farmer stock warehouses are owned by members of the shelling plant; APGG stresses consistency, quality, food safety and traceability; APGG’s growing region consists of contiguous counties in southwest Georgia and northwest Florida; APGG’s ambition is to be the preferred peanut processor in the world.